2K version of Football Manager

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I believe they've found something Nba 2k22 Mt that they could learn from. I'd love to see them embrace that instead of providing us with many of these ridiculous sides-missions and sponsorships that are available in MyCareer. Why is State Farm in this game? Am I buying insurance? Additionally, why does MyPlayer appear to be more enthusiastic about rapping than basketball?

Those things are fine in a few places, but that's there's no State Farm problem. It's just bizarre. But rappingand fashion, sneaker endorsements , and all the rest are all part of the game in a variety of spots. The game shouldn't be a little less focused on these things and more about the thrilling basketball game that we're playing.

Yes Mike. Mike. Everything in 2K22 outside of actual in-game activity is just distracting from what 2K22 excels at. As someone who doesn't want to ball on the streets of The City at all, I'd like to declare that I'd like it if they split the modes entirely. It's probably not an advisable business move, but that doesn't mean it'll occur.

I'd also be interested in seeing something cheap mt nba 2k22 along the model of a MyCoach mode. Let me become the head coach of the high school team and move up the ladder throughout college, and eventually into the NBA, in a 2K version of Football Manager.