About Myrealex
Building relationships!

Life is all about relationships.

We are all here today because somebody related with someone at one time/point or the other. Myrealex is short for my real experiences. It stands to unify the experiences of each every one of us and thread it into one. All our experiences put together help us all to become better persons and either build or maintain healthy relationships. Myrealex is based on the strong convictions that:
  1. No experience can be monopolized
  2. People should be given the right to tell their story
  3. People must be free to express their feelings, speak and be listened to.
  4. It is smart to learn from other people’s experience
  5. Refusing to share your experience for others to learn from it, is sheer wickedness. You shouldn’t want others to repeat a mistake you already made, rather let them learn from yours.
  6. Myrealex makes counseling easily accessible by every user of the app
  7. A platform to foster healthy relationships is as important as the air we breathe, because it is not good for man to be alone.

On Myrealex app, the main features are:

Your Profile: You get to share as much or as little about yourself as you desire to. News feed: You get a feel of what is going on in the community. Pages and Groups: You are able to create pages and groups and or join pages and groups of interest. Book Counseling: You can book counseling session for your personal relationship matters. Or to use the services of a Listener - when you only need someone to listen to you. (We understand that Listening ears are not readily available and so we are here for you.) And Premarital Counseling for couples are also available.
Find your Mate: We verify men and women on the platform. Offer counsel to those in search of friendships/relationships, and match-make partners. Discussion Board: Different topics, questions or matters of concern are shared on the Board and open to contributions from any member of the community. School of Discovery: Courses are available on different Relationship matters. Basically, Relationships are taught on three levels, Relationship towards your Maker, towards yourself and toward other people. Myrealex is here to help you build and maintain healthy relationships. We truly care!