Consent or knowledge

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On the other hand, Big Tech could potentially utilize the information without consent or knowledge.

Technology is it a positive thing or a negative thing?

It's trendy to discuss technology nowadays as if it was purely negative. There are many companies that violate our privacy and gather our data without being open about the fact that they do so. Personal assistants, for instance, can record us without consent. These data breaches place the personal information of our customers at risk. 

But is it really bad? While we may be worried about the negative effects of these devices, they could help us live our lives more easily. From making doctors more accessible to patient data to digital bus routes to increase efficiency and efficiency of transport and connecting doctors to medical care more effectively. The conclusion? The conclusion is that technology by itself is not either good or bad. It's how it is used that is the most important thing.

There are advantages and disadvantages to collecting data

We published a blog post a few weeks ago about Big Tech creating a platform that would allow healthcare professionals to access patient records. The one-hand, it would give healthcare providers comprehensive patient records, which will lead to better individualized healthcare and improved results. On the other hand, Big Tech could potentially utilize the information without consent or knowledge.

These types of discussions transcend healthcare technologies. AI has become an integral part of our lives. It influences our social media feeds as well as our daily commute by providing traffic recommendations. It also checks our bank transactions for fraudulent transactions. The quantity of data AI requires and the ways in which the data they collect could be used are a issue for many.

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For example facial recognition can cause us to feel as if that we're constantly being watched. AI could enhance the quality of life for many people, by helping people with disabilities communicate to monitoring the wildlife population as well as food production.

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Are the advantages of these technology more significant than their negative?

It's the Way It's Used that Matters

Technology doesn't need to be bad or good. It's how we use it and the culture around it. VPNs are one example. They are a great way to protect your privacy. But, they may also be harvesting your information.


With the right regulations technology that collects data could be used to significantly improve lives. However, it is a question of whether there's a push for these regulations that holds groups who violate these regulations--and people's privacy--accountable.