Moving to new areas

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Ever had navigation difficulties in the city of your choice? We've all experienced these problems when moving to new areas.

Google and Facebook both were affected by a defective chip that can invisibly corrupt data

Google and Facebook, both Internet giants, discovered that they're suffering from computer chip failures. These can lead to data corruption, or cause it to be difficult to unlock encrypted files unlocked. Facebook has called on hardware makers to be aware of the problem due to the huge amount of computing power they consume.

Google noticed the problem after engineers reported issues with their calculations. Google's standard diagnostic tools didn't detect any indications of problems. A probe revealed that certain chips were the culprits of repeated...

A walking excavator that is autonomous is able to dig trenches and construct walls.

A prototype of an autonomous construction vehicle that weighs 12 tonnes has demonstrated that it is able to perform on extremely difficult terrain without the assistance of a human driver.

Swiss-German engineers have successfully converted a type excavator that can walk on struts that can be extended. It is also able to handle difficult slopes with out the aid of human beings. They used the walking excavator that can be adapted to walk on for constructing a 4-metre high stone wall and grabbing trees for mock forestry. It was also used for digging...

Stealthy marine robot begins studying mysterious deep-water life

The development of an autonomous underwater robot capable of observing and tracking underwater creatures, without disturbing them, could lead to better understanding of the largest daily movements on Earth.

Mesobot, a 250-kilogram robot is able to move beneath the surface without being recognized.

The ocean's twilight, or more commonly the mesopelagic zones, lies between 200 m and 1 km deep. This is where you will find the daily phenomenon of the vertical migration of diel (DVM) which is which is when animals that live in deep waters move closer to the surface in order to consume the plentiful food supply and avoid predators.

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The DVM is regarded by biologists as a very significant method by the way that nutrients - as well as carbon dioxide absorbed through photosynthesis - can be rapidly transported to depths and carbon dioxide can be stored over the long-term. The DVM is difficult to study as the animals involved often flee from water or light.

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The benefits of technology for the work, personal and social life

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Access to Information Easier


The World Wide Web, abbreviated as www, has transformed the world a social village. It is because of the broad access to information from all corners of the globe on the internet.

Although most news on social media is factual there are images results for specific news. There is not only more details available however, you are able to access it all quickly.

Time saved


Ever had navigation difficulties in the city of your choice? We've all experienced these problems when moving to new areas. It could be an official business trip or holiday, modern technology lets you to make the most of your trips by helping you navigate to wherever you want to go.

Find a location to locate it, and then pinpoint the exact location. The application itself takes care of.

It won't let you miss one turn and it will even provide traffic conditions for your route.