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You can look up a specific place or identify your precise location. The application itself can do everything.

Google and Facebook both were affected by a defective chip that could invisibly corrupt data


Internet giants Google and Facebook have discovered they're experiencing computer chip failures which can cause data corruption or make it impossible to unlock encrypted files. Facebook states that hardware makers must take notice of this issue, which has emerged due to the vast scale of computing resources the firms use.


The issue surfaced at Google when multiple teams of engineers reported problems with their calculations, however the company's usual diagnostic tools showed no problem. An exhaustive investigation revealed the problem was caused by individual chips.


An autonomous walking excavator can dig trenches, build walls, and even build walls.


An autonomous construction vehicle prototype weighing 12 tons has been demonstrated to be able to work in difficult terrains without the aid of an operator human.


Swiss-German experts were the first to adapt a excavator capable of "walking" on struts that extended. They also managed steep slopes with ease and could run without the aid of humans. The team used the modified walking excavator to construct a 4-metre-tall stone wall and to grab trees for mock forest work. It also was employed for digging...


Stealthy marine robot begins studying mysterious deep-water life


It's possible to track underwater creatures remotely and not disrupt them. This will allow us to better understand the biggest daily migrations of life on Earth.


Mesobot is a robot that weighs 250 kg, can be operated either without power or tied to a lightweight fibre-optic cables that allow it to travel beneath the surface in a non-intrusive way.

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The twilight zone of the ocean - known more formally as the mesopelagic zone - is located between 200m and 1 kilometres in depth. It is where you can observe the daily phenomenon called the diel Vertical Migration (DVM). Deep-dwelling animals travel closer to the ocean's surface to eat more food and to avoid predators.

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Biologists consider the DVM as a crucial method through which nutrients and carbon dioxide are quickly transported into depth. This permits carbon dioxide to be stored in the long term. It is difficult to study DVM-related animals because they are often afraid of light or water.

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Technology can bring many benefits to personal, professional and social life

Access to Information as Easy as is possibile


The World Wide Web, abbreviated as www has made the world into a village of social networks. Since all information is accessible on the internet from all corners of the world It is simple to access.

While the majority of news that you see on social media is factual, there may be images for some news. There is not only more information available however, you are able to access it all easily.

Saves Time


Do you remember ever being in a position to navigate through areas that were not familiar to you? Yes, we all have encountered such problems when we move to a new place. It doesn't matter if you're traveling for business or pleasure, modern technology can assist you in getting wherever you're going.

You can look up a specific place or identify your precise location. The application itself can do everything.