It is worth risking the risk of losing your Graceful Outfit

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It is a similar method of crafting Cosmic Runes. If you completed Lunar Diplomacy quest you can begin making Astral Runes at Altar south-east of OSRS GP the village on Lunar Isle. Start by taking Runecrafting pouches, Earth staff, Law runes and essences. When you are running to Altar watch out for 111 Combat level Suqahs which could strike the player hard if don't pray for melee. Once you've finished crafting runes , use the Moonclan Teleport and head back to the bank and store the work you've made. This method can give you approximately 800k gold and 30k exp per hour after level 82 when you can create double Astral Runes.

Another successful method for creating runes is via Abyss. If you've completed level 1 Enter The Abyss miniquest you have the ability to utilize it to create Nature Runes If not, you'll need to accomplish that to use this method. Begin by equipping the amulets of beauty, and then take your Rune capsules as well as essences.

Visit the wilderness north of Edgeville where you can find Mage of Zamorak by speaking to the Dark Mage who can teleport you to Abyss. Inside , you'll be as a skull and if you pass away you'll lose everything. Use one of the tunnels that connect the outer ring towards the inner ring. You'll need be able to get rid of obstacles like mining rocks (which needs a level of mining) or cutting down woods that block the way. carry a small pickaxe or axe.

Once you're done with that , head to your Nature Altar portal and make runes at the altar. Utilize Amulets of Glory to return to Edgeville bank, and repeat the process. Make sure to keep in mind that the majority of this process takes place in Wilderness so you might be targeted by other players.

It is worth risking the risk of losing your Graceful Outfit since it can be quickly recovered but won't carry anything of value with you. Even though crafting Nature runes is only 44 Runecrafting , it's most profitable from 91 when you can create double Nature Runes. At this level you can anticipate around 20k exp and 800k gold each hour.

If you want to, you can either Law and Death Altar craft those at the Abyss. These Runes can be made similarly to Nature ones, however they aren't as buy RS gold effective.