In NBA 2K22 give Sandro Mamukelashvili the opportunity to assume the role of himself

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It's one of the silliest exercises that takes place each year, but I have to give credit to 2K Sports for making it such a prominent topic of discussion on social media during the offseason

It's one of the silliest exercises that takes place each year, but I have to give credit to 2K Sports for making it such a prominent topic of discussion on social media during the offseason.If you're trying to convince someone that a Milwaukee Bucks player should be given an incrementally higher rating in terms of athleticism, there isn't anything quite like it.Even though I haven't played an NBA video game in a long time (thanks to the dunk contest feature in NBA Live 2005), I find the debate to be interesting to watch, especially when players themselves weigh in on the subject of player unionization.Those ratings announcements, however, conceal a much more tragic story, which is told every year in the background.It is a dream that has been put on hold for a large number of young players.Specifically, I'm referring to the lack of fringe roster players from the first few teams to appear in NBA 2K when the game was first released.A formal in-kind donation to Sandro Mamukelashvili's campaign to be officially included in NBA 2K22 can be considered, and the donation will be acknowledged in the game.


On draft night, Mamu realized that hearing his name called was only the beginning of his journey toward fulfilling the dream he's had since first picking up a roundball in his native Georgia more than a decade ago.He arrived in Milwaukee not only with 100 percent of his mind made up, but with ten times that amount of certainty in his mind.This is a man who is completely devoted to his profession.

Throughout the summer league, he managed to steal our hearts one by one.Later, during the preseason, his unconventional, lefty, ball-handling bigness was further enhanced by his performance against the Brooklyn Nets, which was broadcast live on ESPN.Following practice footage of Giannis Antetokounmpo treating him in the same manner as Yi Jianlian treated his infamous chair earlier in the season, the Bucks social media team sent him spiraling down several pegs.

The generous contributions of 2K Sports users around the world enable hundreds of fringe NBA players to be discovered and manually added to the game's database year after year.Mamu is yet another example of an omission from a video game of this nature.There are plenty of others around the league who are waiting impatiently to see their just-okay player model get rated as a 68 and become playable in buy NBA 2K22 MT, which is currently in development.Players all over the country are scrambling right now to add their favorite fringe player who is clinging to the final roster spot as a user-created model to their favorite game, which is currently in development.The NBA players must simply wait, hoping that their actions will be noticed by the Visual Concepts programmers and that their attention will be warranted.

A ray of hope awaits players like Mamu at the end of their long and arduous journey, and this is encouraging news for them.Basketball hype site HoopsHype has compiled a list of 585 players who appeared in the NBA 2K21 video game last year.They have 464 people on their 2K22 waiting list as of the time of this writing.My expectation is that Mamu, in addition to a large number of other characters, will be playable by the end of the season.However, in the coming weeks and months, we will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of ballers like Mamu and other athletes.All of those insignificant contributions — offensive rebounds, diving for loose balls, deflections, and garbage-time layups — have the potential to be retweeted by other basketball fans.But perhaps most importantly, no single screen assist goes unnoticed by the NBA 2K development team, which is working hard to complete the rosters of every team in the league.Some players must put in more effort, or grind, as it is known in the player community, in order to obtain a full scale player model; this is not given to everyone.We, as fans, have a role to play in all of this.Now is the perfect time to bring Mamu's and other people's digital avatar fantasies to fruition.