Path of Exile's Sentinel will increase the challenge difficulty

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The path of exile expansion pack Sentinel will be launched on May 13. The new endgame will introduce new items, and the difficulty of the game will also increase, which also means that players who kill enemies will receive rewards including POE Currency and other items. would be more tempting.

Entering the new POE endgame, you will be able to discover and collect three types of Sentinels. Each will follow you for a short time and empower your enemies in different ways. Players can customize the Sentinels themselves by activating selected buffs on each Sentinel.

When a Sentinel runs out of power, you can go a step further and combine it with another and a Power Core to create a hybrid Sentinel. In addition, other unique types will also appear in the new endgame, waiting for players to explore and discover.

Sentinel is the most anticipated update for players, and other changes including a new Keystone passive ability on the Siege Atlas passive tree, new boss battles and items, and support for PC game controllers are also very much to look forward to.

After this update, the challenge difficulty will be increased like never before. Players must explore carefully and move forward cautiously after entering the new endgame. If your character is not enough to resist new challenges, then it is recommended that you Buy POE Currency from the online store RPGStash to enhance your character's strength. This is the fastest way and can save players a lot of time and energy.

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