This is where you can find an Smithing Stone 3

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This is where you can find an Smithing Stone 3 and a note on the ground hinting that you should keep an eye on the ground. You will see a series of Elden Ring Runes platforms to drop onto, so follow them until you reach the bottom . Here you'll find an accessible tower and an Golden Rune [5]. Pass through the tower to be on an elevated balcony that faces a massive pit. Find your Rainbow Stone x5, then continue forward and ascend the stairs to reach an entrance that will lead towards the Spot of Grace.

With the shortcut unlock, it's time to go into the pit. You will return to the area that you stumbled upon the rainbow stone . Once you are there, you will see a small blind that you can pull up to get to the platform located on the opposite side of the room. Go across the platform and then into the tunnel where you can find the Arteria Leaf, and a bat waiting to be ambushed. Then, you can drop down and find two bats are waiting for you. It is possible to deal with them generally in the same way you handle the stormhawks, guard counters are always effective! Use the nearby rafters as an entry point for the item on the other side, which is a Smithing Stone [2to 2.

Be careful to drop down slowly until you reach the floor at which point you'll be greeted by the Golden Rune [2]. Begin walking down the pathway but be aware of not getting overwhelmed by the raccoons in the area, including one large and powerful Large Rat who can drop a Rune Arc. After the rats to your left is Poisonbloom which is x3 and on the opposite face of the wall lies a scarab , which you can kill for the spell Rancorcall.

As stated by the warning, if one falls into the watery area below, you'll be able to cause a mini-boss to appear that could be too strong to handle at this time. It is a massive serpent-like creature that has large sweeping attacks and incredible magic. However with a 100 physical block shield, and a bit of determination, it's feasible. The enemy will broadcast its attacks quite clearly, so you need to manage your endurance and be prepared to block or dodge roll when you observe it start to strike. You need to stand in the belly area to avoid its forward smashing attacks and get hits in safe. If it spins around and comes at you with its mouth open , you must be careful to avoid it or else fall into its mouth and suffer huge damage. When the monster's eyes glow gold, it is entering its second period of magical explosion therefore, you need to elden ring weapons for sale move back to stay clear of the damage it causes.