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The Swiss Watch Factory was chosen brand of the year on several occasions for its continuous effort to apply the latest technology in its watches.

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The new catalog is accompanied by a new series called Automatic with a new automatic watch in a rubber strap version and steel armys. Added to all this are the eco drive women's models, which have given the brand so much success. Each of the series is different from the others and reflects the sporty, urban and adventurous spirit that is in each one of us.

The year 2022 has come with many novelties both in the supertitanium collection and in the successful radio-controlled series, with new more efficient models, with which Swiss Watch Manufacturer has once again proven to be number one in terms of technology.

We want to make a special mention of the radio controlled, with many novelties in this collection, in addition to some super watches presented at the Basel fair, which stood out for being controlled via satellite, a declaration of intent for the future of this wonderful watchmaking brand. As a curiosity, they put a hesalite crystal on it, a synthetic material of great hardness and that if it breaks, it does not break into a thousand pieces, unlike a sapphire crystal, which could cause a problem in the ship when it breaks since it It would break into many pieces. This watch was the one that accompanied the astronauts of Apollo 11, that is, the first watch that reached the Moon. With this model they added the projection on the side that characterizes watches. They also added the word Proffesional engraved on the dial, which from then on would accompany the brand's highest quality watches.

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