Not a Pawn on the Chessboard

Until you realize and embrace the inherent power that resides in you and which makes you capable of so much more, you will remain completely inept and a victim of the circumstances you find yourself in.

I got off the prayer line a short while ago. Didn’t feel like going on tonight, but gently shoved my feelings aside and received grace to do the needful, it ended up being a very refreshing and re-assuring time in God’s presence.

I have learned to separate my feelings from my assignment. It is not always easy, I must tell you. In the words of Apostle Paul, I will say ; I am what I am by the grace of God.
Life does not always turn out as we imagined or would have loved, but we must realize that we are not a pawn on a chess board. As God’s children, we have a say in the running of affairs here on Earth. And more especially in the running of our lives. I mentioned recently while discussing the topic: “ Are you ready for marriage?” on the LivingrealwithSarah YouTube channel, that ; saying people pressured you into getting married even though you knew you were not ready isn’t as much their fault as it was yours. It is not that they pressured you per se, it is that you allowed them to. You gave them the right to run your life! That right is yours, not theirs.
Aside from God, as an adult, the next person that is responsible for you, is you. Please read the last sentence again, thank you.

Our feelings, our sentiments and other people’s expectations of us are never enough to base our actions and inactions on. I am a person who has “enjoyed” a bit of criticisms in life, but you know what? I keep moving on. My critics don’t know that I am not only “ignoring” their criticisms, I also have to frequently “ignore” my sentiments, my feelings, even my legitimate needs at times, just to keep focus and so the genuinely needful.

I learned that Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory once said ; and I paraphrase: when I want to pray and my body is not cooperating, I simply get up and then my body follows. Can you beat that? lol
Those are words from a man who understands the power that he has over circumstances and life. You ask how I know? I know so because, a man who is able to control himself, is able to control his circumstances. “Self-control is the greatest control you could ever have” as we say on LRS. Even the ancient wisdom says: if you can control your words, you can control your life (James 3:2)
In conclusion, please note that you are not helpless. You are not just at the mercy of other people or every circumstance.
Especially as a child of God, you can not just be passive and sing the “Que Sera Sera” song. “Whatever will be, will be” is not always the reality. Many a times, what will allow to be is what will be.

Arise and take charge of your life, you have a say. You have been given the ability to do so much more, use it.

Keep living real!

Your sister and friend,


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(Backstage: I am thinking i should pick up Chess playing again, i haven't touched a board in over a decade. I remember liking to play ... lol Should probably get me a chess buddy ....) 


Tosin1 2 months ago

Dear sister Sarah.
Thank you for this great and inspiring piece

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